About Me

Hi Readers!

Welcome to My Paisley Heart.  I’m Wendy and I am so glad you dropped by.

I live in the beautiful state of Virginia (U.S.) with my sweet husband of 23 years and our two precious pups.  I mostly lead a simple life and take pleasure in the small things.  Things such as a good bottle of wine, reading in my garden, leisurely weekend drives through the mountains, quirky British television, rainy days and open windows, tea with scones and clotted cream and jam, and writing in my den with a doggy at my feet.

I love to learn and have a newfound interest in history.  I read history books for fun. My favorite colors are blue and taupe.  I can’t live without my monthly pedicure.  I own a ukulele that I should really learn how to play.

And I’m extraordinarily passionate about Scotland.  I write another blog called My Plaid Heart, dedicated to my pursuit of Scottish travel, history, and culture.  I’d be thrilled if you popped by for a visit.

Reader, I am so looking forward to meeting you!



4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Wendy!

    Passion inculcates a sense of pleasure even if we feel tired of or lack of money in pursuing the passion, since we become passionate about anything only when the activity matches with our choice or natural taste. The profile pics of Wendy advocates the above as the pics reflects a momentum to embark upon next article rather than tired of the writing of a series of articles.

    My curiosity directed me to communicate and settle down at logic – what specific significance have the words “PLAID” and “PAISLEY” which have exclusively been reserved for “SCOTLAND articles” and “Other than Scotland articles” by you.
    Scotland, of course fills a thrill and joy to you as the dynamic profile pics on the outside backdrop for the “PLAID” suggests while your intellectual & wisdom are in alignment of the static profile pics on the inside backdrop for the “PAISLEY”.
    Wish busy in next article with a panoramic natural view!


    • Hi Pravin, I’m not sure I completely understand what you are saying but as you know, My Plaid Heart is my site dedicated to all things Scotland. My Paisley Heart is a blog I set up to share photos, information, and thoughts on other things (mainly nature). I chose to make the blogs look similar but also a little different from each other. Kind of like sisters but not twins. That is why I don’t usually set a Featured Image on Paisley. I mostly post just single photos that speak for themselves. Thanks for the feedback. 🙂

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  2. Hello Wendy!
    Remarkable distinction between the blogs which are dedicated to Featured Image and Self speaking beautiful pics under the title My Plaid Heart and My Paisley Heart respectively. I referred the dictionary to know the literal meaning of the two expressions viz., Plaid & Paisley, and found both denotes specific patterns or shapes. How you relate the two blogs with two names, and why not name can be substituted for each other? Any specific reason to put the blogs under the particular words?
    Wish a delicious food while making a journey as a travel blogger!

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