About Me

Hi Readers!

Welcome to My Paisley Heart.  I’m Wendy and I am so glad you dropped by.

I live in the beautiful state of Virginia (U.S.) with my sweet husband of 23 years and our two precious pups.  I mostly lead a simple life and take pleasure in the small things.  Things such as a good bottle of wine, reading in my garden, leisurely weekend drives through the mountains, quirky British television, rainy days and open windows, tea with scones and clotted cream and jam, and writing in my den with a doggy at my feet.

I love to learn and have a newfound interest in history.  I read history books for fun. My favorite colors are blue and taupe.  I can’t live without my monthly pedicure.  I own a ukulele that I should really learn how to play.

And I’m extraordinarily passionate about Scotland.  I write another blog called My Plaid Heart, dedicated to my pursuit of Scottish travel, history, and culture.  I’d be thrilled if you popped by for a visit.

Reader, I am so looking forward to meeting you!



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